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NameCrysis 2
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date2011
VersionLatest Version


Crysis 2 Highly Compressed is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek, published by Electronic Arts, and released in March 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in North America, Australia, and Europe.

Crysis 2 Highly Compressed

The game is the sequel to the 2007 video game Crysis and its expansion Crysis Warhead. It was officially announced on June 1, 2009.

Richard Morgan wrote the narrative, while Peter Watts was consulted and adapted the game into a novel. It was the first game to feature the CryEngine 3 engine and the first console game to utilize it.

In 2013, Crysis 3 was published as a sequel. Following in the footsteps of Crysis Remastered, a remastered version titled Crysis 2 Remastered was released in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. It was also included in the Crysis Remastered Trilogy compilation.

The player controls a Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz,” who acquires the Nanosuit 2.0 from Army Delta Force officer Laurence “Prophet” Barnes, who returns from the original Crysis.

CryNet Systems has been pursuing Prophet to retrieve the suit but has mistakenly pursued Alcatraz as Prophet.

The aliens from the original game have undergone a significant redesign, abandoning their ancient tentacled exosuits for high-tech humanoid armored war machines that pursue Alcatraz through a devastated New York City.

Before release, Crytek stated that they intended to surpass the original game in terms of graphics and functionality while having lower system requirements and supporting true stereoscopic 3D.

The new Nanosuit incorporates upgraded and novel features. The suit’s functionality has been refined, allowing users to use multiple modes whenever desired.


Crysis 2 Highly Compressed is a first-person shooting game. The player undertakes the role of the Force Recon Marine Alcatraz.

Crysis 2 Download For PC Highly Compressed

Like its antecedent, it allows for the customization of weapons and abilities. Crytek intended to avoid creating another game set in a real jungle environment (like Far Cry and Crysis); New York City is called an “urban jungle.”

Regarding advancing and planning assaults, the urban environment presents new opportunities. Players can navigate between floors, structures, and a ruined cityscape.

Set in 2023, three years after the events of the first Crysis, the game begins with news footage of a large outbreak of the Manhattan Virus.

This horrifying disease causes complete cellular breakdown and panic over an invasion by the Ceph, the tentacled, squid-like alien race responsible for the first Crysis.

Due to the collapse of social order in New York City, Manhattan is placed under Martial Law, and a contract from the United States Department of Defense, soldiers from C.E.L.L., a private military company run by the Crynet corporation, police the disorder.

A United States Marine Corps Force Recon unit is deployed to New York City by submarine to extract former Crynet employee Doctor Nathan Gould, who may have vital information for combating the extraterrestrial race.

However, the insertion fails, resulting in the destruction of the submarine by the Cephaloids, leaving the Force Recon Marine “Alcatraz” as the only apparent survivor.

The officer of the Delta Force Prophet saves Alcatraz and is distraught over the circumstance, expecting his squad to assist him.

Prophet lends Alcatraz his futuristic and high-tech Nanosuit 2.0 suit because the Manhattan virus has infected him, and he has no choice.

He then commits suicide so that the Nanosuit will no longer associate itself with him and can integrate with Alcatraz.


CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64
OS:Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/11


  • First, You Need To Download CRYSIS 2 Highly Compressed All Parts and Extract them Using Win RAR.
  • After Extract, Go to Extract Folder and Install The Game.
  • After extracting, Play and Enjoy.


Crysis 2 Highly Compressed impacted the gaming industry through its technical achievements, immersive gameplay, and captivating narrative.

Its groundbreaking visuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, and open-ended level design set new standards for the FPS genre.

Crysis 2’s legacy resonates with players, inspiring subsequent titles and serving as a testament to the power of pushing technological boundaries in gaming.

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What is the download size of Crysis 2 Highly Compressed?

Crysis 2 highly compressed download size is 6.9 GB.

Does Crysis 2 support multiplayer?

Yes, Crysis 2 features a multiplayer mode allowing players to compete online. The multiplayer experience incorporates the game’s unique Nanosuit abilities and offers a range of game modes and maps.

Are there any downloadable content (DLC) expansions for Crysis 2?

Yes, Crysis 2 received DLC expansions that introduced additional maps, weapons, and multiplayer content. These expansions provided extended gameplay options and enhanced the overall multiplayer experience.

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