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NameJust Cause 1
PublisherEidos Interactive
Release Date2006
VersionLatest Version


Just Cause highly compressed is a 2006 activity experience game set in an open-world climate. It was created by Swedish engineer Avalanche Studios and distributed by Eidos Interactive and is the top game in the Just Cause arrangement.

Just Cause 1 Highly Compressed

The zone investigated during the game is portrayed as being more than 1,024 km2 in size with 21 story missions and more than 300 side missions to finish. 

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Starting on 23 April 2009, it has sold more than 1,000,000 duplicates. A continuation of the game created by Avalanche Studios, distributed by Eidos Interactive, and conveyed by Square Enix, named Just Cause 2, was delivered in March 2010.

Just Cause 3 was revealed in November 2014 and conveyed in December 2015. Just Cause 4 was conveyed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in December 2018.

Just Cause begins with Rico Rodriguez, a usable for an affiliation known as the CIA, being dropped into a Caribbean tropical island called San Esperito, in the wake of being called there by his leader, Tom Sheldon, to help topple San Esperito’s tyrant, Salvador Mendoza, whom the Agency accepts to be in control of weapons of mass pulverization.

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After his appearance, Rico gets together with Sheldon and individual specialist Maria Kane, and they align themselves with a guerrilla bunch organizing defiance to the system and the Rioja drug cartel, another foe of the administration.

Rico helps them in their common battle against Mendoza’s degenerate authorities; Black Hand hires soldiers and the Montano cartel.

Rico can likewise aid the freedom of different regions to additionally destabilize the administration’s standard over the island. 


In the end, Sheldon finds that Mendoza does, in fact, have control of WMDs, and with San Esperito so politically unsteady and with the guerrillas having the high ground, the president is compelled to withdraw to his private official island just off the terrain.

Just Cause 1 Download For PC Highly Compressed

Sheldon and Kane fly Rico to the island to slaughter Mendoza, yet he endeavors to escape through the fly.

Notwithstanding, Rico sheets the fly and executes Mendoza and his residual guardians, finishing his rule over the islands. 

The center interactivity comprises components of a third-individual shooter and a driving game, with an enormous, open-world climate in which to move.

By walking, the player’s character is fit for strolling, swimming, and bouncing, just as using weapons and fundamental hand-to-hand battle.

Players can assume responsibility for an assortment of vehicles, including vehicles, pontoons, airplanes, helicopters, and bikes.

Players can likewise perform stunts with their vehicles in which they can remain on the rooftop and hop to another vehicle, or decide to open their parachute while still moving on the rooftop.

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Other key highlights of the game incorporate skydiving, base hopping, and parasailing (by locking onto a moving vehicle or pontoon while one’s parachute is sent). 

The open, non-straight climate permits players to investigate and pick how they wish to play the game. In spite of the fact that storyline missions are important to advance through the game, players can finish them for their own recreation.

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At this point when not taking on a storyline mission, players can meander unreservedly. Nonetheless, doing so can draw in undesirable and possibly lethal considerations from the specialists. 


CPU:Pentium 4/ Athlon XP
RAM:512 MB
OS:Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/11


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Just Cause 1 Highly Compressed is a very fantastic and interesting game and I hope you also like this game. Because while playing this game you can do action, drive cars, explore the map and many more things.

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What is the download size of Just Cause 1 highly compressed?

Just Cause 1 highly compressed size is 480 MB.

What is the size of Just Cause 1?

Just Cause 1 Size is 5.5 GB.

How can I download Just Cause 1 on my PC?

You Can Download Just Cause 1 From oceanofcompressed.xyz.

Is Just Cause 1 open world?

Yes, Just Cause 1 is an Open-World Game.

Can I run just cause 1 without a graphics card?

Yes, You Can Play Just Cause 1 Without Graphic Card.

Is just cause 1 offline?

Yes, Just Cause 1 is offline.


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